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How to Start a Blog

So you are planning to start a blog huh! Well, brilliant idea but how do you get started?

There is so much information over the internet and it is very confusing. Relax and don’t be afraid that you are going to mess it up because trust me almost every blogger have gone through it. Here, we will discuss step by step instructions about how to start a blog. It will be so easy to understand (No jargons, I promise) that you might as well start it today only!

Get ready to strike it out of your bucket list
Today is the day my friend. We will try to incorporate every single idea and tips that has helped me do it. Well, I used to be a newbie blogger too but at that point of time there was no one to guide me through. So, I have decided why not help my fellow new bloggers out to make them understand how to start a blog? I am not any Guru but I definitely know the basics and I have tons of idea about blogging as well.

I guess you are ready to grab all the tips now. So, let’s move on?

Table of Contents

Why to create a blog?

A lot of you might already know it so you can skip this part but I would still want to mention it for my other friends. Why do you feel starting a blog could bring some positive change in your life? Before telling more about the blog, I want to say why and I hope that’s alright with you.
  • First and foremost blogging helps you spread information at a much larger scale. It has become one of the most popular ways of communicating as well.
  • It is a great way to express yourself such that no one will judge you, right?
  • The bonus part? You can actually earn money from it! Yes, that’s right.
  • Your writing skills are enhanced and you feel a better person with every passing day.
I bet you already knew most of it, but I guess I still wanted to say it, you know!

The topics that we’ll cover

Here are the 5 basic steps to how to start a blog. I will move on to a detailed instruction guide but first let us have a glimpse at the basics. Sounds good? Awesome, let us move on.
  • Select a good blogging platform
  • Decide the domain name
  • Choose the host for your blog
  • Customize your design just as you want
Well, that is all and will take a maximum of thirty minutes maximum even if you are not good with computers. So, sit back and relax. It is time to create your own blog and live the dream.
The easy guide for beginners:

STEP 1: Choose your blog platform

Choosing the right platform means half the work is done. Whenever you think that how to start a blog, the first thing which comes to the mind is which platform you’ll choose. Well, I will skip to the main point and assume that you guys have a good idea about WordPress. Trust me guys it is massive and I swear by it and it is by far the biggest platform which is very user-friendly especially for beginners. The best part is the countless number of add-ons and plugins along with infinite ways for layout of your very own blog.

Do you know there are more than 82 million active users of WordPress at the moment? That’s a lot basically. Well there are a lot of alternatives like Blogger, Tumblr, etc. and they are all free as well but trust me WordPress ( is the best if you are planning to have your own blog on a long term basis.

I will give you one major reason which I really believe in for NOT OPTING for the free blogging platforms. The name of your blog will sound really ugly like, or maybe I mean c’mon it sounds so pathetic.


STEP 2: Decide your domain name

This is one of the most unique parts about your blog. You can select a domain name that’ll be suitable for the kind of blog that you’re planning to start. Generally, you may want to choose a domain name which is short and memorable. Preferable with a .com domain extension. If you need some guides on how to choose a domain name, you may refer to our article on how to choose the best domain name . By the way, one small tip is that you can use our domain name generator for selecting your domain name as well.

STEP 3: Time to choose a host for your blog

Well, I am assuming that you have decided to choose WordPress as your blogging platform and the domain name for your blog. Now your next step to know how to start a blog would be to choose a web hosting service.

Hosting explained in a nutshell: your blogs are some files which won’t be visible or searchable unless you have a web host that would store your files and then give access to people for viewing it. I hope it is clear, right?

When it comes to hosting I trust Bluehost! I will give you the right reasons for which I entirely depend on Bluehost:

  • It is uptime: well, I am sure you would want a host that wouldn’t break down in the middle of your posting right? Bluehost takes care of it completely.
  • It has got fair pricing.
  • It has 24x7 support from experts which will help you to sort any problem which you face.
  • Moreover it offers a one-click WordPress installation.

Basically, Bluehost will cover everything you need for starting a blog. By signing a hosting plan with Bluehost, you'll get your domain name at free of charge. In addition, there are tools provided to help you to setup and install Wordpress automatically. Just click on the one-click Wordpress installation on the control panel and your Wordpress blog will be up and running instantly. It is just that simple.

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STEP 4: Choose and customize your design

This is the most fun part where you can get all creative and artsy. Let me give you the good news. Once you get your Wordpress blog up and running, you’ll have more than 5000 options to choose from for your theme and design of your very own blog! One quick tip would be to not spend hours over selecting your design because that’ll simply take you down the rabbit hole.
AND, that’s it! I am pretty sure that I have covered up the basic ideas to help you about how to start a blog. I am confident that you’ll successfully come out with flying colours and create your very own blog.
Go blogging!
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